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Data: Coronavirus perception survey in Kano

by Isiyaku Ahmed
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By Isiyaku Ahmed, Kano

Orange Door Research survey collected 20,515 daily survey responses in Kano. Of these, 35% of all respondents were female, 65% male, while 90% of all respondents were 34 years or younger. 77% of respondents spoke Hausa at home, while 23% spoke a different language at home.

The analysis of the survey data identified 13 one-off data and 2 from daily key points about public perception towards coronavirus in Kano.


Level of Risk for Contracting Coronavirus: People’s level of concern has remained relatively steady. In early June, 33% of respondents said they had a high chance of contracting the virus, 29% said they had a medium chance of contracting the virus, and 41% said they had a low chance of contracting the virus. By June 26th, 27% said they had a high chance of contracting the virus, 27% said they had a medium chance, and 45% said they had a low chance.  

Satisfaction with Government Preparedness vis-a-vis the Coronavirus: In early June 60% of respondents reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the Government’s preparedness; by June 26th, this had increased to 70%.


In early June we ran an additional one-off survey, asking 500 respondents in Kano their thoughts on the Coronavirus. 67% of respondents were female, and 74% spoke Hausa at home.

Have you heard of the Coronavirus? 100% of respondents reported that they had heard of the Coronavirus

Do you believe the Coronavirus poses a threat to your community? 90% said yes, 10% said no

What is your main source of news about the Coronavirus? 48% said radio, 15% said Facebook, 11% said WhatsApp, 9% said Twitter, 6% said newspapers, 6% said conversations with family and friends, and 4% said other

Have you heard of social distancing (avoiding close contact with other people) as a preventative measure? 99% said yes, 1% said no

Are you practicing social distancing? 95% said yes, 5% said no

How concerned are you about the Coronavirus’ impact on the economy? 91% said very concerned, 7% said somewhat concerned, 1% said not concerned, and 1% said they did not know

Do you trust information from the government about the Coronavirus? 80% said yes, 20% said no

What do you think of the government’s response to the Coronavirus? 38% said good, 37% said excellent, 16% said mediocre, 5% said bad, 3% said very bad, and 1% said don’t know

Do you know anyone who has contracted the Coronavirus? 31% said yes, 69% said no

To what extent do you think your own level of risk is for contracting the Coronavirus? 25% said very high, 15% said high, 22% said medium, 13% said low, 20% said very low, and 4% said didn’t know [Please note this differs from the data we see in our rolling survey – perhaps because female respondents comprise 67% of the sample for the one-off survey, compared to 35% of the respondents in the daily surveys.] 

Do you believe your personal actions can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus? 89% said yes, and 11% said no

Do you agree with the government’s decision to impose a lockdown? 74% said yes, and 26% said no

Do you believe that the lockdown was effective in curbing the spread of the disease? 77% said yes, and 23% said no

Orange Door Research specializes in designing and implementing cost-effective, large scale mobile phone surveys for development, humanitarian and peacebuilding actors, focused primarily on reaching vulnerable populations in difficult-to-access environments. We primarily work with UN Agencies and the World Bank, as well as academics, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs).

Over the last three years, we have conducted over 150,000 surveys, in countries including Afghanistan, Belize, Brazil, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, Russia, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

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