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By Adnan Bawa Bello

Katsina is located within latitude 12.9816°N and longitude 7.61744°E. it has a size of 142km^2 and 135km NW of Kano. It was founded in 11th century. Islam was introduced in kasar Katsina in 1450s and Korau was the first Muslim king who ruled in the 15th century. Fulani herdsmen settled in Katsina in the 15th century. The Danejawa participated in the Fulani jihad in Katsina which resulted in the killing sarkin Katsina Bawa Dan Gima (1801-1805) and subsequent taking over of Katsina by fulani under the leadership of Umarun Dallaji in 1806.


Danejawa is among the important clans of fulani tribe. Their ancestor was Muhammadu Danejo. They reared pure white cows. They migrated from Chad to hausa land and settled in Shanono in Kano kingdom. Some members of the clan left Shanono to Bichi in the north west of Kano and took up the title of sarkin Bichi. Some moved to Kano city and established Daneji quarters near the palace of sarkin Kano, others moved to Kasar Katsina under the leadership of Gudundi assisted by his two younger brothers, Dudi and Gandi.

The Danejawa movement into Katsina was in late 18th century. They moved into Karaduwa-Bunsuru basin and settled at Papu with the title of sarkin fulani Daneji. They also established the town of Dangani.

Danejawa were the richest among all the fulani clans in Katsina and within themselves Gudundi was the richest with several thousands of Cows. Gudundi was arrested and humiliated by sarkin Maska Birgiji after accusing him of grazing in his farm; when the fulani jihad started in Katsina, Gudundi led his clan to attack Maska and killed sarki Birgiji. Gudundi became the first fulani Sarkin Maska.

Banaga Dan Bature one of the leaders of Zamfara rebels against Sokoto caliphate raided Maska and seized thousands of Cows belonging to Gudundi including his daughter. Several of his Cows were raided again by Muhammadu Yero, one of the freebooters with some connection of the Jihadists, Gudundi as his cows and wealth were more important to him than the sarauta, he left Maska to Kano. He stayed with his cattle for 5 years, grazing them around Godiya.

Gudundi was succeeded as sarkin Maska by his eldest son Jaji. Jaji like his father was not so keen about sarauta as he spent most of his time with his cattles and he was therefore dethroned. He moved with his cattle and family to settle in Zazzau. He was replaced as sarkin Maska by his younger brother Muhammadu Sani Dan Gudundi. Danejawa continued succeeding themselves as sarkin Maska up to the grandfather of engineer Zailani Tijjani. it was sarkin Katsina Dukko that seized the sarauta of Maska from Danejawa.

Danejawa are the title holders of Galadiman Katsina and one of the king makers.Galadima is based in Malumfashi as the district head . they have quarters in birnin Katsina which is called Galadanci with Gidan Galadima as official residence .

The next write up will be on Dudi and his son Abdu who became the first Fulani Galadima of Katsina.

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